Date Prepared:  Mar. 27, 2019
Part Time - 4.5 hours/week
Start Date: April 2019
Direct Report: Executive Pastor


Purpose of the Job:
Provide administrative and organizational support to Resonate Church and its leadership.

Experience and Knowledge Required:
Exceptional interpersonal, verbal, written and organizational skills
Projects a professional and confident image, able to handle a stressful pace
Ability to handle confidential information
Basic understanding of accounting methods
Proven leadership skills
Ability to work in a multi-task environment
Strong administrative abilities
Steady, positive attitude, people-oriented, team player, customer service minded
Familiar with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook
Editing and proofreading ability
Detail oriented, creative, ability to learn new software applications
Willingness to work after hours or on weekends when needed
Strong work ethic, commitment to excellence

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
Administrative responsibilities include a variety of weekly, monthly and annual tasks in the areas of Admin, Finance, CCB, Reporting, HR and basic IT.

Employees possess and exhibit the following core values in their daily lives:

Love for God 
Love for People
Work Ethic that is excellent, protective and frugal with time and money
Attitude of a servant, enjoyable to be with and devoted to the call of God and the Church

Physical Demands: N/A

If you are passionate about building the church and providing administrative leadership, apply today by sending your resumé to