Stronger... but not there yet….

By Jane Beaumont
Jane directs and oversees R Groups at Resonate Church.

Being strong does not start with acting protectively, defensively or avoidant. It is in allowing others to be close is our weakness, moving through pain with the help of others around us, and working hard despite fear. And it’s certainly not comfortable, but it will, over time, yield incredible depth and growth.

These past few months as my family and I have been heading into the final stages of our permanent residency applications and work permits, we have been so critically aware of the three years we have been in Vancouver and all that this represents for us; what decisions have been made; what the implications of those decisions; remembering what brought us here, and what we felt God was drawing us to. I wouldn't say its been a particularly stressful process to go through. There have been lots of little steps that have been complicated and tiresome. Throughout the past five months, there has been times where it has become challenging to remain focused on the goals, the plans, the purpose God had planted in my spirit, and often I felt a challenge to my sense of home.

As a Mom I find myself pulled a little in many directions. I want to be the best Mom to my young adult and teenager. I want to be the best wife I can be. I want to be the best leader and care for others as best as I can. I also want to be the best therapist.

Being a Mom of a teenager/young adult means, for me, a constant attunement to their needs, and how they change. There are some days where I feel like a bit of a chameleon, which adapts to its environment quickly. This is the reality of multiple roles.

There have been days in the past few months where it sometimes felt like my feet were not firmly grounded in anything solid.  In these days I have sometimes felt as though there was so many things that demanded my time, my focus, my energy, that it was easy for me to forget who has the capacity to restore me, strengthen me, keep me focused.

The Lyrics of the Song “You’re not finished yet” by The Belonging Co have resonated deeply for me as a reminder.

“ I am tethered to your every word,
My heart ever after your heart first,
I will trust you here, I will trust you here and now.”

Focusing too much on the past keeps me bound to my mistakes, my wounds and fears. Focusing too much on the future can bring anxiety and worries and pressure. This is not saying planning for the future should be neglected. But stopping yourself from worrying about the future is challenging when your eyes are looking too far ahead.

What is important is the present moment; where you are; who you are with; tasks in front of you.

I need to remind myself who God is for me, and the only way to do that is read about who God is. The more I know His character, the more I know myself truly in Him. And then to remember that I can trust Him because of this.

A geographical location does not define me. Whether I am in Australia, or in Vancouver I can know who I am. Whatever role I play, I am defined only one way. My past does not define me, does not need to speak to how I respond and think.

The lyrics of this song can remind you even more deeply that the more you are grounded in what God says about you, the less you can be influenced by the stresses of the past, history, mistakes and wounds. We can be reminded that we are a work in progress, and that God is not finished yet…

BUT, that life and growth, and change and stability and a solid footing to be grounded on can be found in Him.

Let’s not be tethered to anything else that speaks a message of shame, of brokenness or inadequacy. How we can do this is by being around people who help keep our eyes  and hearts focused on truth, by allowing people to speak into our lives from a loving and truthful standpoint, and letting the relationships around us speak strength, growth and hopefulness into our situations.