Easter at Resonate Church

The story behind this year’s Easter imagery.

I’m expecting Resonate to get a few emails this week via our website. Whenever we do marketing in the city to let people know we exist - there are people who write to us - often angry. When we launched a year ago our campaign was “You are Loved” - and even those words triggered anger for some. I wanted to write back with emoji’s 😘😍💙🤗

So a pink skull doorhanger on someone’s porch to invite them to Easter???!! We’ll see how that goes.

But here is why this imagery matters.

Without Jesus we’re dead. Obviously not physically - but since we have a body, soul and spirit - it’s possible to be physically alive yet spiritually dead.

Our Easter campaign this year is meant to be a little rattling. Like a wake up call to a city that isn’t sure why we’re in the planet - that God made us in love and Jesus rose from the dead to resurrect us to True Life.

If you know someone who has yet to experience God’s grace, mercy and triumphant love - will you risk the possibility of an unfavourable response to invite them to come?


Pastor Shane