Easter Invitation

Here is some encouragement and a few tips on making an invitation to church this Easter:

#1 - Encouragement 

You never know who is going to come and make a decision to receive Jesus. Rachael invited a group of neighbours recently and a couple that we've just met came to church and made decisions for Christ. It was amazing to look out and catch their eyes as they raised their hands. Here's what's amazing - just thinking about them I wouldn't expect them to come or raise their hands to choose to receive Jesus. But a simple invitation led to both. So here's my encouragement - don't say "no" for someone. Resist making the "no" assumption and just make the ask. 

#2 - Some Suggestions

A) Take the sprinkler approach. Rather than making a single ask, ask lots of people all over the place this week. I just invited the barista I ordered a coffee from. And I'm going to reply to an email from our banker with an invite. I'm ok with the thought that a lot of people won't come. Because I know one day someone will thank me for being willing to make the ask.

B) Use passive tools like social media. Below is an Instagram sized image you can copy and share. We already know of one person who's come to Resonate and found Christ because of a Facebook post!

If you're feeling nervous, remind yourself of Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through him who strengthens me". The same power that brought Christ back from the dead is ALIVE in you.

Excited to worship with all our hearts with you this Sunday.

Much love,
Pastor Shane